2012 Q1 Clip Contest Winners

Hey all! Jill and I wanted to make sure this got posted before everyone heads off to Charlottesville for LOOK3 this week! Here are the results from quarter one.

Our judges from the Tampa Bay Times* (formerly the St. Petersburg Times) photo staff were: Melissa Lyttle, Lara Cerri, Chris Zuppa and Dirk Shadd.


  1. Ross Taylor/The Virginian-Pilot – humor is the hardest thing to get at in a photograph, and this has not only that but real personality shining through, with some unexpected candor.
  2. “Sangjib Min/The Daily PressĀ - beautiful “active” portrait, with all the right elements: sweet light, contextual clues and a “moment” in that look of concern on her face.
  3. Sam O’Keefe/The News & Advance – “how cute is she.” we loved it and wanted to know what the story was immediately. a better background could have helped elevate this photo though, she just feels haphazardly placed in the frame and shot with a lens that was a touch too wide.
  4. (HM) Kyle Green/The Roanoke Times – the officer looks both proud and like a total bad ass. like all the leading lines and the framing of the shot.


  1. Ryan Kelly/Christopher Newport University – love the seeing, it’s fun. it automatically rose to the top. i feel like we’ve all seen a million free throws at a million games and never come away with that picture.
  2. Kyle Green/The Roanoke Times – it’s a different angle on the celebration/jube shot, it’s a nice story-telling image. they’re all down but not for the same reason.
  3. Kyle Green/The Roanoke Times – like that the photographer took us somewhere we can’t normally go on a diving image. wished it was a tad wider, looser, on top and bottom to emphasize the graphic elements and reflection, but it’s really solid.
  4. (HM) Rob Ostermaier/The Daily Press – great lensing, solid moment.


  1. Earl Neikirk/Bristol Herald Courier – simple, gorgeous, painterly and refreshing. eye-catching beauty.
  2. Parker Michels-Boyce/The News & Advance – nice moment. innocence of the moment transcends. great info in caption as well.
  3. Sangjib Min/Daily Press – nice lensing and clean angle, pretty backlight works well, and it’s just different enough from your typical shadow feature. the shadows of tree branches add to the nice composition.
  4. (HM) Jill Nance/The News & Advance – again, nice lensing, repitition of shapes really helps isolate the one lone kid. nice way to illustrate the slow ski season.


  1. Kyle Green/The Roanoke Times – intimate way of telling a daily story. nice moment, nice information with the layering as well. really takes you into their home and makes you feel the situation.
  2. Bob Martin/Free Lance-Star – really strong moment, caption added to it. having names in such a personal moment helps elevate it. the photojournalist took the time and effort to know what was going on to know the story.
  3. Kyle Green/The Roanoke Times – pure, heavy raw emotion just hits you in the gut.
  4. (HM) Rob Ostermaier/The Daily Press – one of the better candle light vigil shots we’ve seen. nice light and composition, but felt like it’s lacking a moment necessary to elevate it to one of the top spots.
  5. (HM) Sangjib Min/The Daily Press – nice way of layering and showing sophisticated storytelling. it was a harder read and took time to figure out, but that’s one of the things we liked about it too.


  1. Parker Michels-Boyce/The News & Advance – we loved the feature single from this story and were glad to see it develop into a story, knowing more was there. always nice to see a photojournalist dig deeper. there are some sweet, tender moments, and obviously some trust built and a certain comfort level established to allow the photographer to blend seamlessly into the scene.
  2. Sangjib Min/The Daily Press – there are some decent moments in here, but it feels like it’s lacking in depth and very day in the life-ish and superficial storytelling on the part of the photographer. every photo seems to be a process photo, and nothing elevates it past that verb-layer for us.
  3. Kyle Green/The Roanoke Times – we really really wanted to like this one more, but poor editing brings it down. the last two photos were weak and unnecessary (and had us scratching our heads), and the sword fighting photo could have been helped by better composition. the opening shot of the storm trooper was great though, and graphically pleasing, liked the 2 bathroom moments and the little girl encountering r2d2 as well.